When the Bees Buzzed Off!

When the Bees Buzzed Off!

ISBN: 978-1-84869-439-2
Автор: Lula Bell
Издательство: Little Tiger Press, 2019 г.
Серия: -

Аннотация к книге «When the Bees Buzzed Off!»

Uh-oh! The bees have buzzed off and now the minibeasts are in a pickle. Who will pollinate the fruit and flowers? It's up to three brave bugs to bring those buzzy bees back!
Packed with fun flaps, fascinating facts and hilarious asides throughout, When the Bees Buzzed Off! is the perfect book to encourage little ones to think about important environmental issues and explore the natural world! This energetic romp through the wild outdoors is brought to life with bright and engaging illustrations from talented illustrator Stephen Bennett.

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