WaR Wizards and Robots

WaR Wizards and Robots

ISBN: 978-0-14-136596-1
Автор: Johnson B. , will.i.am
Страниц: 314
Обложка: Мягкая бумажная
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Аннотация к книге «WaR Wizards and Robots»

An explosive action-adventure novel created by will.i.am and renowned futurist Brian David Johnson. Wizards are real, robots from the future are here, and the fate of our world rests in the hands of one unsuspecting teenager.When a young man breaks into her home claiming her life is in danger, Ada Lurings world changes forever. Geller is a wizard, on the run from his fathers hidden clan who want to kill Ada and her mother. Sara Luring is the scientist who will create the first robot, the wizards age-old foes.But a robot has travelled back in time to find Ada, and will lay everything on the line to protect her, as she may just be the key to preventing the earths destruction in the future.Ada, Geller and the robots must learn to work together to change the past and secure the future. But they dont have much time before a mysterious enemy launches its attack on Earth...

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Книги автора «Johnson B., will.i.am»

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