The International Executive

The International Executive

ISBN: 9781546213208
Автор: Richard Lindenmuth
Страниц: 110
Обложка: 152x220
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You would not go on a jungle safari without a knowledgeable guide, so why would you do business in a faraway place without an experienced expert by your side? Richard Lindenmuth, a veteran executive who has led domestic and international teams, explains what you can expect when conducting business througout the globe in this guidebook for managers, executives, and leaders. He provides the practical advice you need to • capitalize on opportunities in other countries; • improve your all-around skills as an executive and leader; • navigate cultural differences when conducting business abroad; and • find a mentor who can make a meaningful difference in your career. Lindenmuth also focuses on the importance of learning other languages to conduct business as they help you understand a country’s culture, values, and social etiquette. It is not enough to simply know the language; you must be able to confer the exact meaning you want to get across. Filled with case studies, anecdotes, and quotes, this guide will help you develop relationships, enhance your career, and achieve business objectives.

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