The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

3.5 (2 оценки)
ISBN: 978-3-8365-0903-9
Автор: Bertrand Lemoine
Издательство: Taschen, 2009 г.
Оформление: Частичная лакировка
Бумага: Офсет
Вес: 1 884 г.
Размеры: 425x300x23 мм
Иллюстрации: черно-белые
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Аннотация к книге

"The most beautiful Parisian. A superb homage to the architect and his creation." -, Paris
When it was completed in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was the highest structure in the world, measuring 300 meters (984 feet). Built for the World's Fair, it was initially granted a 20-year permit; this permit was thankfully extended and now the Eiffel Tower is one of the world's most famous structures, having become practically synonymous with Paris itself and receiving more than six million visitors annually.
This reprint explores the design and construction of this remarkable building; published in 1900 as a large folio by Gustave Eiffel himself in a limited edition of 500 copies, the original was never sold on the market-it was exclusively given and donated by Eiffel. Featuring 53 double-page plates of 4,300 technical drawings explaining the design as well as 33 photographs of the construction, the book reveals the complex and fascinating process of bringing the Eiffel Tower to life. Though the technical drawing will especially appeal to designers wishing to discover the engineering genius behind Eiffel's masterpiece, everyone can appreciate this very rare and special book about Paris's glorious mascot.
"This book illustrates the truly remarkable engineering that is the Eiffel Tower and whilst appealing to enthusiasts, can be appreciated by everyone."
About the author:
Specialist in the history of architecture, construction, and cities in the 19th and 20th centuries, Bertrand Lemoine has curated numerous exhibitions and has widely published on the subjects of architecture and the history of iron and metal structures, including several books on the subject of Gustave Eiffel. Lemoine is director of the journal Architecture Acier Construction and has been editor in chief of AMC- Le Moniteur Architecture and L'Acier pour Construire.
Издание на английском, французском и немецком языках.

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