Targeted. Make Change Happen

Targeted. Make Change Happen

ISBN: 9781532035791
Автор: Liz Sherman
Страниц: 86

Аннотация к книге

Liz Sherman, a hardworking Canadian, doesn’t like what she sees in today’s society.Much of the world caters to the well-off, and most average and low-income people find themselves shopping at second-hand stores, where prices continue to increase.Meanwhile, there is more anxiety than ever about obtaining worldly goods, with stress being taken on for appearances—not by necessity.But perhaps nothing is more frustrating than insurance companies, which have turned cheating hardworking people out of rightful claims into a science. In Targeted, the author shares how she battled insurance companies for almost nine years to get the settlement she deserved—and she also examines the myriad other ways that society abuses everyday people.When Sherman’s legal battle finally ended, it was a sad victory, as she owed relatives and friends money and had suffered tremendous amounts of stress. She shares her inspiring story and argues that Canadians need a regulating agent to eradicate insurance company-sponsored fraud in this book.

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