Runnin Things. The Resilient Spirit of an Entrepreneur

Runnin Things. The Resilient Spirit of an Entrepreneur

ISBN: 9781425953454
Автор: Teresa Saxton
Страниц: 96
Обложка: 152x220

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Who better to write a book on entrepreneurship than the entrepreneurial beauty queen of Cleveland? Teresa's knowledge and experience will be a sure help to those looking start their own business as well as those veterans that have been in business for some time. . . Alexis E. Afzal, Executive Director Alex Community Development Corporation. "Only after editing Running' Things was I able to comprehend the magnitude of an extraordinary woman's divinely-inspired pursuit towards the fulfillment of her destiny. Teresa Saxton is one of God's gifts unveiled in the form of a multifaceted businesswoman. Truly inspirational." . . . Terry Shropshire, Editor at-Large, Rolling Out Urban style Weekly, Atlanta. Teresa Saxton's experience in the marketplace, combined with her devotion to her faith and her craft, offers a glimpse into the world of a vivacious entrepreneurial spirit who thrives in an industry ripe with inequities in values and standards. Teresa shares personal anecdotes, as well as Biblical and business principles, for those like her who have resiliency and pioneerism coursing through their veins. She mixes faith with finance, and commerce with Christianity, and sets a standard not only for the beauty industry, but lends encouragement to anyone in the secular marketplace who may have felt isolated because of a vision that meshed with integrity, passion and values void of worldly ideals. Read it and start Runnin' Things!

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