Public Accountability in North West Frontier Province, Pakistan

Public Accountability in North West Frontier Province, Pakistan

ISBN: 9783639345346
Страниц: 92
Обложка: 152x220

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Accounting, auditing, accountability and governance are mutually exclusive. Accounting provides a set of rules and techniques to be followed by interested parties which would be verified by audit so that accountability of those parties is carried out. Governance requires such accountability through mechanisms of legitimation and control. The study in this manuscript is an investigation into the working of a standing Committee called the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament of North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. This body is entrusted with the task of accountability of public officials for public funds placed at their disposal by the Parliament and to establish whether the funds are spent legitimately within the limits and on the subjects prescribed by the Parliament. The book in hand provides the baseline information for accountants, auditors, students, researchers and relevant Govt. stakeholders. Therefore, it should be in every library of the relevant disciplines.

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