Old Ben and the Carrier Pigeon

Old Ben and the Carrier Pigeon

ISBN: 9781781325292
Автор: Miles Bavin
Страниц: 48

Аннотация к книге «Old Ben and the Carrier Pigeon»

Ben thumped the table in triumph, sending Scrabble tiles darting through the air. Even Duke momentarily lost his balance, and had to steady himself with a quick wing flutter. "Pack your belongings my dear Duke. We're going to Germany." Old Ben had just about given up on people and relationships, following the death of his beloved wife. It wasn't until Duke, a spirited young pigeon burst in on his life with a tale to tell, that Ben came to appreciate the value of friendship once more. Communicating through Scrabble tiles, Duke's message sparks a manic treasure hunt as well as an overdue trip down memory lane for Ben, who was all but ready to forget the adventures of his youth.

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