Multi-tier Supply Chain Visibility in the Automotive Industry

Multi-tier Supply Chain Visibility in the Automotive Industry

ISBN: 9783659339783
Автор: Karl J. Grajczyk
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013 г.
Страниц: 136
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For a majority of automotive companies the unexpected standstill of the production line, due to insufficient or missing components, represents a major problem. In times of globalization, the automotive industry is challenged by increasing complexity and interconnectedness of their internationally distributed supply chain. At the same time cost pressures, overcapacities and increasingly demanding customers urge automotive companies to research new ways of maintaining and improving their supply chain performance. Until recently, the integration of intra-and inter organizational automotive supply chain entities into a holistic supply chain visibility system has largely been neglected. The book investigates how cross-organizational supply chain visibility can be established in industrial supply chains. Based on an indepth case study with a European automotive OEM the author develops and presents a practical management framework for analyzing, developing and implementing supply...

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Книги издательства «LAP Lambert Academic Publishing»

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