Father and Sons

Father and Sons

ISBN: 978-0-451-52969-5
Автор: Ivan Turgenev
Переводчик: Reavey George
Издательство: Signet Book, 2014 г.
Серия: -
Страниц: 256
Обложка: 105x170
Бумага: Газетная
Вес: 124 г.
Размеры: 170x106x16 мм
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Аннотация к книге «Father and Sons»

Bazarov-a gifted, impatient, and caustic young man-has journeyed from school to the home of his friend Arkady Kirsanov. And soon Bazarov's outspoken rejection of authority and social conventions touches off quarrels, misunderstandings, and romantic; entanglements that will utterly transform the Kirsanov household and reflect the changes taking place in the world outside nineteenth-century Russia.
Fathers and Sons enraged the old and the young, reactionaries, romantics, and radicals alike when it was first published. At the same time, Turgenev won the acclaim of Flaubert, Maupassant, and Henry James for his craftsmanship as a writer and his psychological insight. Fathers and Sons is now considered one of the world's greatest novels.
A timeless depiction of generational conflict during social upheaval, this novel vividly portrays the clash between the older Russian aristocracy and the youthful radicalism that foreshadowed the revolution to come-and offers modern-day readers much to reflect upon as they look around at their own tumultuous, changing world.

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