Fasciolosis in Sheep & Goats

Fasciolosis in Sheep & Goats

ISBN: 9783659217029
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012 г.
Страниц: 76
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Fasciolosis is an important and infectious disease of sheep and goats which is characterized by dullness, weakness, lack of appetite, pallor and edema of mucosa and death of animal. The accurate diagnosis of Fasciolosis and the right choice of medicine remained a difficult task for the field practitioners. This is the first molecular report for the diagnosis of Fasciolosis in sheep and goats in Pakistan. It is concluded that PCR is more reliable technique than microscopic examination for the diagnosis of Fasciolosis in sheep and goats. Microscopic technique provides the base line data for the diagnosis of Fasciolosis in sheep and goats while PCR provides help to conduct further molecular studies on Fasciolosis as well as others parasitic diseases. Secondly Fasciolosis which is an important parasitic problem of ruminants is significantly prevalent in sheep and goats in Lahore, Okara and Sahiwal districts of Punjab. Oxyclozanide (Zanil) is the most effective drug while Albendazole and...

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