Faberge's Eggs

Faberge's Eggs

ISBN: 9780330440240
Автор: Toby Faber
Издательство: Pan Books, 2009 г.
Серия: -
Оформление: Частичная лакировка
Бумага: Газетная
Вес: 248 г.
Размеры: 196x130x22 мм
Иллюстрации: цветные
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Аннотация к книге «Faberge's Eggs»

Between 1885 and 1916, Carl Faberge made fifty fabulous jewelled eggs - Easter presents from Russia's last two emperors to their wives. Since the brutal murder of the last tsar and his family in a Siberian basement, these eggs have become the most famous surviving symbols of the Romanov Empire: both supreme examples of the jeweller's art and the vulgar playthings of a decadent court on the brink of revolution. Their history encompasses Bolsheviks and entrepreneurs, tycoons and heiresses, con-men and queens. Eggs have been sold and smuggled, stolen and forged. Now, as they return to Russia, their history - like that of Russia itself - seems to have come full circle.
Faberge's Eggs provides an engrossing and compelling window onto the empire these masterpieces outlived.

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