Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love

4.8 (6 оценок)
ISBN: 9781408810101
Автор: Elizabeth Gilbert
Издательство: Bloomsbury, 2010 г.
Серия: -
Страниц: 384
Обложка: 130x195
Бумага: Газетная
Вес: 204 г.
Размеры: 176x110x24 мм
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Аннотация к книге «Eat, Pray, Love»

Elizabeth is in her thirties, settled in a large house with a husband who wants to start a family. But she doesn't want any of it. A bitter divorce and a rebound fling later, Elizabeth emerges battered yet determined to find what she's been missing. So begins her quest. In Rome, she indulges herself and gains nearly two stone. In India, she finds enlightenment through scrubbing temple floors. Finally, in Bali, a toothless medicine man reveals a new path to peace, leaving her ready to love again.

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