Designing Emission Friendly and Cost Effective Supply Chain Networks

Designing Emission Friendly and Cost Effective Supply Chain Networks

ISBN: 9783639396614
Автор: Grajczyk Karl J.
Страниц: 120
Обложка: 152x220
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Аннотация к книге «Designing Emission Friendly and Cost Effective Supply Chain Networks»

The book investigates the topic of eco-sustainable supply chain network design. Supply chain optimization possesses tremendous potential for minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to an improved ecological lifecycle and potentially lowering energy expenses. One promising pillar of sustainable SC optimization is logistics network design. The book provides the reader with a thorough understanding of imminent forces for corporations to embrace the challenge of addressing emissions in their supply chain strategies. As a fundamental basis, the principle of carbon footprint is presented and important models for CO2 emission calculation against the background of network design are elucidated. The book presents strategic network design principles focussing on sustainable network location planning. Proven models for logistics network design are presented and extended by the novel target dimension of CO2 reduction. Combining the components of network design and emission reduction, the book provides supply chain strategists with a practical evaluation of eco-sustainable network optimization, applying network optimization software in a case study for a European consumer goods manufacturer. The analysis provides insights into the potential and the associated trade-offs for optimizing supply chain networks with the goal of eco-sustainability and cost effectiveness.

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