Closing funding gaps in polytechnics

Closing funding gaps in polytechnics

ISBN: 9783639354423
Страниц: 68
Обложка: 152x220

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The aim of this research was to determine the causes, impact and ways of closing the funding gaps in polytechnics in Zimbabwe.The study focuses on how polytechnics can close their funding gaps. Almost all polytechnics have been found to be facing challenges especially in their engineering divisions. While technology has continued to improve globally, equipment in polytechnics in Zimbabwe has remained static. Government and institutional heads have cited lack of financial resources as the major cause of this situation. Some polytechnics have, with the aid of government, introduced the concept of production units in their various departments in an effort to raise funds required for operational expenditure including consumables and lately, expenditure on staff retention or staff incentive. To improve the situation government should be the first to carry the burden of securing funding on behalf of polytechnics, and polytechnics should set up projects in farming, guesthouse operation, clothing manufacture and make use of available staff to conduct workshops in various trades of the economy

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