Build a Wall of Financial Intelligence. Protect Your Family

Build a Wall of Financial Intelligence. Protect Your Family

ISBN: 9781543460117
Автор: Karl Thompson
Страниц: 88
Обложка: 152x220

Аннотация к книге

The author brings attention to the appalling level of financial illiteracy across the world. Based on his knowledge, experience, and lifelong desire to make a significant impact in this area, his focus is to educate others on how to properly plan and protect their lives, families, futures, incomes, active retirement, and assets. This book is a practical and an engaging road map that shows the way! Karl is a strong advocate of exposing households to the business principles of the corporate world in order to strengthen their finances. He believes that households should be operated on business principles since they are businesses as well. The author writes that households can fulfill their God-given responsibility to leave an inheritance for their children?s children based on a legacy of effective stewardship. He and his wife, Angela, are successful entrepreneurs and have created Aktian ( as a platform for financial intelligence. Karl is a former Wall Street banker, consultant, and entrepreneur. He has provided consulting services to small, medium, and large companies in the private sector as well as entities in the public sector.

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